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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fixed the toilet outlet

The toilet that the Xplorers have (at least the older ones) is a Thetford recirculating toilet. The toilet itself is it's own holding tank, so no extra tank is needed for it. Thetford actually still makes the toilet.. presumably the design hasn't changed much since the ones I have seen online look identical to the one in my van. That's a good thing.. if I ever need any parts, they should be available.

When this van was made, Thetford sewer hose connections must have been common. Now a days they aren't. I first tried a Thetford to Valeterra adapter I bought at an RV store but I didn't like how loose it felt on the connector. So I returned it and bought the Valterra pipe fittings, a short piece of ABS pipe, two 22.5 degree elbkiw and ABS cement from Lowes. The reason for the elbows is that the running boards were added to the van, making it very difficult to reach the toilet outlet. I found myself havign to get on my hands and knees in order to look under the van to reach the cap when I was trying the Thetford adapter. Nasty prospect.. having to get down on the ground and put my face so close to a toilet outlet pipe. ICK!!

So I extended the pipe down and under the running board, just enough to clear it. After I let the ABS cement sit a few days, I went back and added some plumbers tape (metal strapping) to the running board to secure the pipe from bouncing around. I also secured the tether for the cap so it won't get lost.

Now it has a modern Valterra hose hookup!

The short piece of pipe on the ground is what was cut off. If you look to the right, you see the old section of pipe as it enters the first elbow. That's how far back the pipe was before... which is why I had to extend it out so much. It sticks out past the running board by about 1/2" with the cap on, no big deal. There is still ample ground clearance in my opinion. Plus it's between the two axles.

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