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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oil Pressure gauge

I had a little scare a few weeks ago. I was driving it and the low oil pressure light was flickering. It had plenty of oil but was flickering.

Turns out the sensor wire wasn't hooked up to the sensor for some odd reason. While driving, it was lightly bouncing and contacting the block, completing the ground circuit making the light flicker.

I decided to install an oil pressure gauge so I can keep an eye on it. Since a new oil pressure switch is it's cheap ($10 for an Napa Echlin) and easy to install, I figured why not.

My old one suddenly quit working. I can't remember if I dropped it or not. Could be I did and just don't remember. Anyhow, it stopped working. I got the new one and put it in and it's working fine.

The first photo shows the old pressure switch that I put back in to test the gauge's brass lines for leaks. I didn't want to trust the nylon lines that came with the gauge so it cost me almost twice as much with an AutoGauge copper line kit. There was just enough brass line, 6ft.

Oh, and the oil pressure is fine. It's within the correct oil pressure range according to the 78 Chrysler factory service manual.

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