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Monday, May 20, 2013

Starter relay

I loaded up the van to go shopping and do some other stuff today.. got in and it wouldn't start. The darned relay went bad. It took it almost 35 years to go out.. but yeah. The ground terminal broke off trying to remove it. I opened it up to see what was shaking around inside. It was rust particles!

$17 later, it's fixed. I doubt the new one will last 35 years.. but it's supposed to have a 'lifetime' warranty with O'Reillys. Stupid thing didn't even come with the nuts! I had to use the old ones.


  1. Hi again. What were the symptoms? Having repaired the charging system and running very good, was going down route 66 with the kiddos and it was like someone reached over and turned the ignition off. Engine cranks but no spark. Replaced ICM and pick up coil in the distributor no luck.......

  2. The symptom is the starter motor doesn't try to turn yet you have power to the gauges but no click from the relay.

    Are you sure it's no spark? Are you sure the carb isn't badly flooded? Be very careful. Excessive flooding can cause the fuel to get into muffler. Fumes from ti can use the muffler to literally explode. I did that in Sacramento.

    You need to go on autozone.com and find the schematic of the ignition system and start diagnosing the various parts of it if you're sure it's the ignition system and not the fuel system.

    Also I suggest going and signing up on hodgetalk.com and using the van forum for tech help so you can get help from more than just me: http://www.dodgetalk.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=278

  3. Ok thanks. I had an extra spare plug. Grounded it, no spark.