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Saturday, June 8, 2013

PEX installation

I decided to sink the money into replacing the PolyB plumbing with PEX since one short section was missing and had a crappy rubber hose put on instead. The only glitches in the installation were accidentally cutting a wire harness for the rear lights (thank goodness for color coded wire insulation!) and having to use one plastic fitting at the water heater.

After I did all that, I found the galley faucet to be damaged and leaking so I also replaced that. I need a new water pump since this one won't cycle off like it should when there's no demand for water but I can install that in 10 minutes at any time later.

I left out some winterizing drains it once had but I did put one in for the water heater which was most important. The fresh water tank has it's own separate drain from the fresh water lines.

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