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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Accumulator tank install

I finally got sick of the water pump cycling on and off consantly for low water flow usage, mainly with my 0.5gpm aerator on the galley sink. That can't be good on the pump.

I bought a SHURflo 24oc capacity accumulator tank (part no: 182-200) on Amazon and installed it under the galley sink. It only required buying a 20" supply hose with 1/2" fittings on both end and installing the tank in-line.

Now the water will flow for a good 7-8 seconds before the pump kicks on for about 3 seconds, then shuts off again. Much better!

I went a bit cheaper due and put the lighter weight supply hose from Ace after using all steel braided when I replumbed all the fresh water lines. Oh well. If I find that it doesn't last, it's easy to replace later. My budget is much tighter now than it was when I bought the steel ones.

The tank is just stuck up in the space but it stays put very well. Even if it decides to try to shift, it's on flexible lines so it won't do any harm. This gives easy access if I ever need to adjust the air pressure on the tank and it doesn't waste space. It was also the easiest access place to install without having to thoroughly drain the lines or water heater.

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