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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Refurbishing Mopar (Dodge/Plymouth) 36 gallon fuel sending unit

Due to the extreme rarity of the late 70's fuel sending units for the 36 gallon (or 35 gallon?) plastic tanks equipped on the Dodge and Plymouth vans, I had to cut a new gasket and buy a new fuel sock and float which were missing from the existing unit.

Assuming you can even FIND a new sending unit, they cost anywhere from $100-200! It cost a mere $33.80 in parts to refurbish my old one!

The gasket with a NOS sender is well over 30 years old... and may not be much good anymore. The gasket by itself is impossible to find at all.. so you HAVE to make a new one by hand.

Here is a list of the parts I bought:

5/16" (steel line size) fuel sock - $10 (ebay)
Brass float (a bit over 1" wide) - $13 (ebay)
1/8" thick rubberized gasket material - $10 (ebay)
6 new screws - $0.80 (Take the old ones and match them up at the new ones. They are fine thread machine screws found in the specialty screw compartment drawers.)

I have attached lots of photos to show how before and after of my sender.

I also replaced two sections of 5/16" fuel hose at the sender and at the fuel pump as well as the clamps ($4.95 w/ tax from Napa for 2.5ft of hose & 4 clamps). They were replaced after I took the pics below of the sender reinstalled.. so the hose on the right you see is the old, badly rotten and cracked piece. The one on the left goes to the generator.

The next and hopefully final thing to do fuel system wise is replace the fuel filter and any rotten hose between the pump and carburetor.

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