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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wall carpet installed

I finally got around to getting the tan automotive carpet I bought some time ago cut and installed on the wall. I used craft aerosol adhesive I got a few years ago at a yard sale or someplace and it works great.

I tried to make it one piece not screwed it up around the window so I had to end up making it two pieces with a seam that doesn't look perfect but it could be worse. Overall I think it looks pretty good. It certainly looks better with the seam than it did with too much cut off around the window. I had enough slack at the left edge I was able to fix it and make it look good.

Most important of all, it looks MUCH better than it did with the messed up old wallpaper it had when I got it.

I am probably going to get some new curtain tracks since the old ones are broken into several pieces being 34 year old plastic. They are still usable.. but I may as well just get new ones since they aren't too awfully expensive.

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