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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Laptop hanger over bed

I fought with the idea of getting a TV or tablet since mounts are easier to come by than laptop ones, which can get pricey and might not suit my needs.

It finally occurred to me to just build a wooden holder for my laptop and hang it from the cabinet. It doesn't provide a perfect straight-on view but it's certainly better than nothing. I toss, turn and kick too much to have it down any lower than this. Plus it allows me to fully lay down when going to sleep and have something to watch. Or if I end up sick in bed, I will have it within reach by just sitting up.

I used some scrap wood I had left over. I spent about $3.75 on the eye bolts and the regular bolts. I had the wing nuts, plumbers tape (metal scrapping) and washers. I think it came out pretty good. It just hangs there by two S hooks (one end closed to keep them from coming off of the eye bolts). It's very strong and secure in place. It can be taken down, the laptop removed and put away, and the cabinets closed before driving.

Yep... thats MST3k playing in the photos below!


  1. looks good! add a little stain to the wood and it will even look better.

  2. Yeah, it would but I'm not gonna bother. Function matters to me more than looks. I do find that it puts a but of pressure on the casing and makes the touch pad not work right if I tighten down the wing nuts a little too far, but loosened is fine. It still can't fall.