(Formally "Plan V: A Van Dwelling Blog", when I lived in a 1978 Dodge Xplorer 228 Class B motorhome van)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Need more storage!

I have come to the realization that I am going to have to try to make use of every inch of space in this van. That means doing some unusual things... like using a cheap plastic shelf unit in the bed area to store stuff on. I looked around the house and found what works perfect. very light weight, easy to move to change the sheets, stays in place well and isn't very deep, so it doesn't interfere with me sleeping next to it.

It stays in place nicely while sleeping thanks to the shoestring tethers and can easily be removed and set aside for changing the bed's bottom sheet. I never tuck in the top bedding.

It's simple, cheap but very effective. I can store my duffel bags of clean clothes and linens on the shelves. There is ample space to the sides of it for stashing extra blankets when not in use.


  1. hmmm... did you think about putting up some heavy duty hooks, storing stuff in duffle bags, and hanging them from the hooks? Might be less hassle for you. Assuming there is a place to install the hooks.

  2. I considered the idea... however, the overhead cabinets would not be able to support the weight very well. They would likely get ripped out from the fiberglass ceiling and walls that holds them up with very few screws.

    There are a few hooks and I will be adding more, but for very light loads of under one pound each. The blue organizer with a mirror is on one of the hooks. The opposite side has a 12v fan hanging on a swag hook, also very light weight. That's what the strings are attached to, hooks.