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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bowie, TX

I arrived in Bowie, TX a few hours ago and went downtown. I decided to treat myself to dining out for lunch. After parking the van, I took to walking back to take some photos of an old sign I saw driving past and to find myself a local restaurant of some kind. I was in the mood for Mexican food and it just so happens, the place with the old sign I went back to take a photo of is a Mexican restaurant! So I took my photo and went on in to "Spicy Mexico".

I ordered a $5.95 lunch special, 1 cheese enchilada plate. I had a salad substituted for the rice and beans. I also had a couple glasses of good ice tea ($1.49). Of course, free chips and salsa as well. The total was under $9 including a $1 tip. Not too badly priced and food was very good. They were a little slow on my drink refill but they were very busy in the noon hour rush.

Outside of "Spicy Mexico" with old "Travel-In" motel and restaurant signage still up. I think the motel may actually still be operation. The motel office looked occupied as I walked past, but I didn't stop and look in.


It is amazing how alive the city keeps their downtown area. Almost all of the old buildings are in use. Some are being renovated inside for new stores as I type this. There are a lot of antique stores as well as a nice, large charity thrift store. I spent $17 on some stuff for myself and for reselling on ebay.

Here are some photos I took downtown.

Old "Heard's" department store (building vacant)

A row of stores, all in use including the diner.

Old "Frank Green Carpet" store. (vacant)

A lonely old ally.

Unknown vacant building.

This seems excessive. It is illegal to ride a bicycle around downtown Bowie, TX.
Good thing I didn't unload mine as I was considering!

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