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Friday, November 8, 2013

I need a break!!

Due to stressing out badly over relatively minor things. I decided to take a break and get an RV spot for a month in Benson, AZ. I was already planning to visit Tombstone, AZ which is only 25 miles from this RV park, so I can visit it several times during my stay. Part of my stress was due to being sick for the past 7-10 days but also having to keep on the move and staying so busy. I'm just not used to it. I need a chance to relax and do nothing for a while, as I so desire. I drove straight through to Benson from Las Cruces, save for a couple quick stops along the way.

One of which is a big waste of tax payer money. A border patrol checkpoint along I-10 west bound, in the middle of New Mexico a short ways outside of Las Cruces, not really close to the Mexican border at all.

I took the photo so it wasn't too obvious to the agents if they happened to be looking my way that I was doing so.

Once I got up there, I got asked all of two questions:

"Are you a United States citizen?"
"Is anyone else traveling with you today?"

"Yes", "No", and I was told I could continue on. Is this [i][b]really[/b][/i] the best use of tax dollars for the "security" of the country?

Fast forward a couple hours, I stopped off at the Flying J in Lordsburg, NM for a break.

A short while later, I was in Arizona. I stopped at the first rest area into AZ but it didn't have much. The view was fair at best.

I skipped the next one which I regret, it would have been awesome for photos of the mountains. *sigh* By the time I realized it, I was past the exit. They need to mark it as a scenic overlook as well as a rest area!

I arrived in Benson around 4pm and found the RV park (El Rio) without using GPS... I took the first exit and the road took me right past it. For once I actually spotted something I was looking for on the first try! I'm here for the next 30 days now. I found probably the lowest price RV park around. $220/mo plus metered electric. Being that it's November, I won't need the A/C much or at all so I won't have much of an electric bill to pay next month upon checkout.

The main reason the place is so cheap, I suspect, is the spaces are VERY small. The biggest that would fit is a 30ft travel trailer or 5th wheel. There is NO WAY a 40ft massive Class A motorhome could fit in here. They are all back-in spaces and some of them are VERY tight, such as the spot I got. I fit in fine but anything much larger would be hard to fit in width wise. The WIFI sucks, sadly. But I have my Virgin Mobile Android with unlimited (throttled after 3.5GB) hotspot which is working very well here thankfully, so I won't have to rely on the lousy WIFI. They have a single restroom and shower for both men and women, which they give you a key for. But upon going to for a shower this evening, the door had been left ajar. Perhaps on accident. I made sure to lock it when I left. The place is very well kept for being so low priced. It's filled with old RVs, clearly full time residents.

There is a track track across the road but they don't blow their horns TOO close to the place. Not that it would bother me, having lived in a more expensive, less well kept RV park that had trains blowing their horns about 300ft from my van day and night.

I will be spending a day down in Tombstone next week some time and maybe making more trips down there while I'm here for the next 30 days.

The town of Benson is small enough, I can ride my bike to Safeway for groceries 1.5 mile away and to other stores around town. I will only need to drive to get to Tombstone or to get more propane if the need comes up. All in all, I think I will enjoy my time here.

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  1. Texas Canyon is a fantastic overlook. The rock formations look other-worldly... Not to mention "The Thing?" being right there. (It's just some weird mummified infant remains)
    I lived in Tucson for 2 years and recently took up vandwelling in El Paso. I work full time here, or else I would find somewhere better to live.
    Regarding that checkpoint... I've been through it about a dozen times. I have a friend who works with Border Patrol... Apparently if you don't look Hispanic, they don't question a thing. A fine use of tax dollars indeed.
    Enjoy Benson though! It's actually one of my favorite places in southern Arizona. More trees than ought to be in the middle of the desert.