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Monday, November 4, 2013

Oct 4, 2013 update

I woke up sick on the morning of October 31 when stopped at Flying J in Pecos, TX. I am not quite over the cold yet but I am doing better. I made a stop over in Van Horn, TX on the 31st in an RV park so I could get a real shower and relax and get plenty of rest. I had to dip $20 out of savings to pay toward the $25 rent for one night.

I drove on to El Paso on November first and parked at a Wal-Mart for 2 nights.

The first day I got there, sick and all, I ended up putting a serpentine belt on an old 80's Chevy van for an older couple who kept having problems.. they were about out of gas so they stopped at Wal-Mart and left it. The wife was driving newer a mini van with their grandson, the husband had the beater van full of pottery they try to sell at shows, and wasn't able to sell any at the one they just left, so they were rather broke. So then when they came back, a tire was flat. They got a used tire and put on it and then the serpentine belt broke. They got one but couldn't figure out how to get it on. So I was a life saver for them really. They would have had to get it towed or had a mobile mechanic come and put it on. So anyhow, they got it back on the road and hopefully got home without anymore problems.

I left that Wal-Mart yesterday (Oct 3) and had a shower at a nearby Annytime Fitness. I didn't feel like working out any, needless to say. I stopped by a Goodwill, nothing good. There was a Big Lots next door so I got some cans of soup and crackers. There was also a McDonald's there so I had a $1 side salad and a big $1 refillable drink. I hung out there an hour or so.. then went on to a laundromat to do wash all my bedding, towels, some wash clothes, shirts, socks, jeans, etc.

Here is a photo I took out of boredom while waiting on the last bit of drying to get done. It was nice the laundromat had WIFI though since my cell data speed has been lousy again.

After finishing my laundry, I went on to a different Wal-Mart just down the road from the laundromat. It was about dark and I thought this was a cool photo to take from the driver's seat out the side window.

Today I went and dropped off a package at a nearby Post Office from an ebay sale and came over to a public library branch. I'll be staying at the same Wal-Mart again due to how close it is.

Tomorrow (Oct 5) I plan to visit a free history museum in downtown El Paso. I will probably have to pay for parking though. After that, I'll head on into the NW area of El Paso, then move on out of the area in the next few days sometime.

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