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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A very Arizona Christmas

A very AZ Christmas: Palm trees, clear blue sky, bright sunshine and 62 degrees with almost no wind... perfect for short sleeves. (It feels wrong somehow.. haha!)

  Happy Holidays!  

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  1. I am amazed how folks up north will put up with sleeping in the cold when they can simply go south for the winter. Florida and texas is hiring on all scales. I can make 10 an hr anywhere and still sleep in my van. Why be cold and miserable? I think its so easy so I dont see the fuss. I dont live in my van but rather sleep in it only. Big difference folks. Up at 5am and not back in it till 9pm. I live a productive life. To simply just lie around and w aiting for hand outs is a sorry way to live. Me? Im up to 4,800 in the bank. If you have nothing to show for it than your doing something wrong. 72 degrees in ft myers, florida. Back to tennesse when it gets too hot here. Its that simple.