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Monday, December 5, 2016

Heading out on Friday!

It's almost time, already. November went by a lot faster than I thought it would. But, I've almost got my apartment emptied out and my storage unit is 99% full. One more small load will finish it off. Then I have to scrub pretty much everything in the apartment so I can get my deposit back.

I think I am going to rejoin Anytime Fitness for shower access. Last time I used it quite a bit. Just twice a week even is enough to pay for it, so yeah. I am going to check into what the local club charges since they won't think twice about letting me join since I have an ID and address here currently. Trying to join anywhere else would be harder since they want you to mostly use THEIR club. Otherwise I could find a location with cheap prices and join there and then never go back. Which is actually what I want to do with the one here basically, but yeah.

I have put a new Optima Yellowtop D35 battery in my car since the old battery was 5 years old and was noticeably starting the engine slowly on cold mornings. So now I have a starting/deep cycle hybrid battery for charging my phone/tablet with the engine off. I have also installed USB charging ports (1.0A & 2.1A), a 12V port and a digital voltage meter in the rear of the car, wired directly to the battery so I don't have to turn the key to use them, unlike the factory 12V outlets located in the front of the car. I also put a switch for each function so it they don't power when not in use.

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