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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lazy (and boring) days

I still have been slacking off blogging, but I have a pretty good excuse, the cell data here stinks. I'm amazed Blogger's site loaded. The app is bugged and crashes, so I must use the site. (It has taken over an hour to do this post!!)


A couple days after my last post, I have started getting (overly) obsessed with the idea of getting a tiny old travel trailer. This stems from one being here for sale, but that I missed out on.

Something that small can be towed with my car.

However, my car needs rear struts badly first. It looks like it's heavily weighed down when it's not. Rather than pay $650 including labor (dealer quote), I'm going to wait until I get to Arkansas, where I can do the work myself for the $160 in parts. So for now, a trailer will have to wait for sure.

I enjoyed a bunch of Xmas episodes of MST3k and Rifftrax on Xmas Eve.

On Xmas day, I did more camp stove shopping. I have too many now, ha!

The next morning, I made (awful) pancakes. The mix is what's awful. I'll be throwing out the rest, I'm sure. Maybe if I had butter, not butter flavored canola oil spray, they would have been better.

Generally, it has started to get bloody boring here. Part of my boredom is not having much to do. I'm as socially avoidant as ever. I did find the dog park so I go there almost everyday.

Yesterday, I bought a nice little, older Yamaha EF600 generator. I did a short trial run with it this morning and it does just what it should.

Maybe I'll kill boredom easier now, even if it's just offline PC gaming.

I still have too many clothes, so... more need to go!

And finally for now, Lucy basking in the warm sunshine.

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