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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Loafing around

I hurried out of Oregon to avoid freezing temperatures in the mountains and ran into gushing rains in northern California. I'm not too far out from Sacramento, where I want to spend a day or two once the rain clears. It's still supposed to have freezing temperatures but at least it won't be rainy or snowy.

So, today is a big loafing around day with nothing much to do. I had a good hot breakfast at Denny's in Corning, CA this morning for $7 including a $1 tip. Their service was faster and better than most. Now I'm sitting in Willows, CA just wasting time until I head on to the next rest area for the night.

Lucy is acting depressed, probably due to the seemingly never ending rain. I can't say I blame her any. Hopefully this is the last heavy rain we see for a long while.

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