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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On the road again

Well, I'm on the road. I got two days behind in vacating the apartment but it's done.

There is lots to say so this will be long.

I unloaded my huge 3 burner stove to someone from Craigslist. I badly underestimated my stuff vs space in the car so it had to go. Right after I left out Sunday, went down near Portland and bought and old Coleman Peak 1 stove and it's working out great.

This is how bad it was the first night.

((((Oops I will post the pic later))))

It's hard to see, but the driver's seat was reclined back half way with shirts on hangers piled up on it. It was not a sustainable way to do things.

I stopped at a Value Village and loosely filled a car with stuff to get rid of. While there, I bought a piece of used Samsonite rolling luggage for $7. Later in the day I went back and found a $2.50 (at 1/2 off sale) Samsonite bag for my remaining loose sweaters. I still have two move those to the driver's seat from the bed but that's easily manageable.

I still have too much really but it's already getting better as I find more to get rid of along the way.

I ended up buying a MetroPCS ZTE ZMax Pro and case/screen protector (those two cost more than the phone, bought from a separate store) for good internet on the road, for $60/mo totally unlimited on the phone, plus 8GB hotspot for my Android car stereo. (In dash navigation). I'm posting from it now, in fact, at an Oregon rest area!

More later. I need to clean up from lunch and walk Lucy before I put a few more miles behind me.

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