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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quartzsite 2016

I rolled in to Quartzsite a few days ago. The cell data speed (T-Mobile) is so bad from so many users, I haven't been able to do much online. The library wifi is excellent, which is how I'm posting so much tiday to catch up.

I'm still going through stuff and getting rid of more. I got a $15 ice chest and a $10 2 gallon water cooler. They take up a lot of space but I needed them. Honestly, more clothes probably have to go as much as I have it. I just can't justify so many shirts, as nice as many may be.

I also bought a "not working" Coleman 440 stove. After 75 cents in parts, it's working for the most part. It only seems to have "high" though. Im not sure if that's a generator or valve problem. In any case it does function. It might also need a new pump but the I've it has is working currently.

Oh and in the name of downsizing, I bought a smaller coffee percolator. 5 "cups" fills my insulated travel mug, so it's a better coffee ot to have than the larger 7 cup one that's much larger.

Some pics at the park......

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