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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Finally mobile again, kind of

Well I finally hitched up the trailer a few days ago. This poor ol' truck sure is a slug with it back there, when it comes to trying to get up to highway speed on an incline. That's what I get for buying a non-turbo diesel. It's possible that it could need timing adjusting but it'll have to wait. I don't plan to go across mountains this year, or at least at the very high altitudes I did last year.

I'm still hanging around here for at least another night before I actually hit the road again, trying to stay within a very low budget this month, due to debt I have been bad about reducing, due to paying it down but buying new crap, keeping the overall amount owed the same instead of reducing it. That has been going on for over a year. That has to stop. I plan to go 300 miles or less this month, with a 2 week stay planned at a free camp.

With this new setup, I don't feel so claustrophobic and I picked up my old 5 gallon gas can from my mom's house, so I can have 7 gallons of gas on hand for my little ol' generator. That can easily last me 10-14 days alone, though I'll probably go to town before then for extra groceries and ice.

I got a nice indoor TV antenna, plus I grabbed the old outdoor RV one from the van I removed, but it's not mounted currently. If it seems like it works than the indoor one, I probably will later on.

 I have plenty of space to stretch out inside, I have a desk for my laptop, TV and good antenna(s), stove/oven, sinks and a tub/shower, (cold water only, needs an RV water heater). I need to finish fixing the fresh water lines, however. I'm using 5 gallon water jugs for the moment.

It's more like a real home now!

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