Saturday, August 24, 2019

Yankton, SD

Lucy and I are now back on the road after 3 months at Hieb Park in Marion, SD. I needed to catch up on my budget, which got blown to bits from buying the Class C in January. But now it's on track again and it's time to begin heading south.

Here is a picture of Lucy and a pibble mix puppy (Wilson) that she wasn't very fond of, because of how overly aggressively playful he gets. Once he calmed down, they laid around next to each other and basically ignored one another. We left Marion later that day.

We stopped off in Yankton, SD for a couple of nights. Lucy LOVED Fantle Memorial Park due to all the ground squirrels. She dragged me all over the park, at least 5 times, during the full day we were there.

In the evening, I stopped and washed some bedding that won't fit into my tiny washing machine. There is no laundromat in Marion and I didn't leave the town for 3 months, so the blanket and sleeping bag needed washing desperately, needless to say. The reason I brought this up is because the laundromat has this beautiful masterpiece hanging on the wall:

The following day, we stopped off at Riverside Park in the morning for a walk, before heading on to our next destination.

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