Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I guess I should start blogging again?

Nope, I'm not dead. Just very lazy about blogging anymore. I guess I should start up again, especially since I upgraded the solar in 2019/2020 and upgraded the batteries to (cheap) lithium and a Renogy MPPT charge controller in late 2021.

Have had lots of repairs done, mostly by me... but also the transmission began going very bad very fast aroud April.  Then after spending over $2k, it slipped out of park, rolled down the driveway it was stopped in for a moment (with me outside of the cab) and jack knifed the fiberglass cargo trailer I have been dragging around since late 2020. 

The immediate aftermath.

I carry decent insurance, so I was paid for the trailer and RV damages. The trailer is "totaled", but the motorhome isn't. The trailer is still usable at least, the frame wasn't damaged, or at least not enough to be noticeable? The fiberglass box is what suffered the most. The trailer might end up with a salvage title is all, but maybe not due to it's age and value. The state where it's registered probably won't care, since it's a trailer.

Thankfully, no one else was in the 5 lane road in either direction, so no one else was involved. Dash cam captured it happening too, which I'm sure was helpful for insurance purposes since they got to see and hear it happening from the perspective of looking out of the windshield. I drove in, put it in park, got out to put in the gate code and it slipped out of park and rolled backwards. Can even hear the trailer tires screeching, as they were pushed sideways from it being pushed by the rear of the motorhome.

The grey tank was destroyed, but I have already replaced it with a 99% same size one for $100 from "Class A Customs". I have the same model tank installed for the black tank, which was missing when I got the motorhome in 2019. I did that in early 2021 finally, after getting by without a black tank for all that time. The other RV damage (bumper, fiberglass) needs to wait to be addressed until this winter.

I finally emptied the storage unit I left packed in 2016, which is where the accident happened. So the trailer is packed full now, as well as the inside of the RV to a point. I need to go through the stuff later on and sell/give away more stuff. And that's after I already got rid of about 1/3 of what was in the unit.

Not much else I can say right now, really.

In a few days, I'm heading to a cheap RV park in Utah where I plan to spend the next 2 months until Arizona cools down for going to an LTVA for the winter season. I need some time to relax after the mess with the transmission and wreck. So, I won't have anything to say much again for a while, probably.

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